Clover You

Hey, I am Clover You. You can call me "Clover" or "尤鱼(fish)".
你好啊,我叫 "Clover You" 你可以叫我 Clover 或者 尤鱼。

Working at Guangzhou, China.

Creator of MojiChat MojiBlog (under development 😂)
开发了 MojiChat MojiBlog(还在开发中😂)

I was born in 2002 years, Since i begin code in 17 year, I have used c# 、js、ts and java(working using), of ts is master language.
我于2002年诞生到这个世界,从 17 年开始写代码,期间使用过 c#、js、ts和java(目前工作在用),ts 被我作为主要语言

I may use golang and rust in the future. I'm preparing for this!



Genshin Impact!! Starting!!

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